Sports and Recreation

Swimming is a popular activity in Ottawa, as there are plenty of beaches, splash pads, and wading pools for residents to enjoy. Beaches are open from mid June through mid August, and lifeguards are on duty during certain hours. Wading pools and splash pads are located at several local parks, where special events are also held from time to time during the summer months.

Volleyball nets are available for rent on any of the four Ottawa beaches, or guests can feel free to bring their own nets. There are also a number of beach volleyball leagues that play on Ottawa's beaches, and these groups are normally active from May through September.

Several fitness clubs call Ottawa home, making it easy for residents here to remain physically fit. Some of the activities that can be enjoyed at these fitness centers include weightlifting, racquetball, and water aerobics. Instruction is also given in aerobics at some of the centers.

Skating is offered at several locations in the city of Ottawa. Some sessions are available for family or adult-only skating, while others are open to the public. Skating is offered seven days a week, but sessions may be cancelled due to low attendance or during holidays.

Dozens of tennis courts are located throughout the city of Ottawa, and feature amenities such as lighted courts, benches, and clubhouses. These courts are generally available on a first-come, first-serve basis; however, a few of them can be reserved in advance for group play. The City of Ottawa also has a program that provides tennis instruction for children and adults alike.

Curling is a fairly recent trend that is gaining in popularity throughout Canada. It involves group play and is similar to bowling on ice. The Nepean Sportsplex in Ottawa offers curling lessons and clinics, and even sponsors curling leagues. Games will be held here from time to time, and spectators are invited to come and watch the action.

Basketball courts are located in many of Ottawa's city parks. These courts are located outdoors and are available on a first-come first-serve basis. Some parks have full-sized courts, while others are only half-court sized. Some also have the advantage of being lighted or included inside a fenced area that is also used for tennis. Leagues may be held at some of these basketball courts from time to time.

The Ottawa Senators who play for the National Hockey League is one of the only professional sports played in Ottawa. They play at the Scotiabank Place.