Ottawa Attractions

Canadian War Museum
The Canadian War Museum is a massive museum that displays the history and artifacts of the many wars Canadian troops served in and sacrificed their lives in for the cause of freedom. The museum is divided into several galleries housing the permanent collection. Each of these galleries details a specific period in Canadian military history. One of the most interesting galleries is Gallery 2 called "For Crown and Country". This gallery describes the Canadian experience in World War I and houses a complete replica of a World War I biplane. The highlight of the museum is the LeBreton Gallery. Here, the visitor will see complete military vehicles including a jet fighter and tanks.

National Gallery of Canada
The building housing the National Gallery of Canada is something of a work of art in itself. The building incorporates stone and glass giving it a modern and traditional appearance at the same time. Inside the gallery, visitors may take a guided tour or view the art at their leisure. As can be expected, the gallery prominently displays the work of Canadian artists including the work of Thomas Davies, Francois Baillairge and George Heriot. The gallery is also home to the work of the great masters of art from around the world. Special exhibitions are held throughout the year.

Canadian Aviation and Space Museum
The history of flight is on display at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum. The exhibits here are arranged in historical order tracing the history of flight from the beginning down to the modern day. What makes this museum so exciting is the opportunity to see actual aircraft on display. Two of the fantastic planes on display are the McDonnell Douglas CF-188 and the Avro Lancaster X. After viewing the museum, visitors may take a ride in a biplane or ride in a helicopter.

Ottawa's Notre-Dame Cathedral
Ottawa's Notre-Dame Cathedral is a splendid example of a mixture of Neo-Classical architecture and Neo-Gothic design. The church is registered as a Canadian National Historic Site. The twin spires at the church's entrance are the prominent feature of the church's exterior. Each spire is plated in tin and shines brilliantly when touched by the light of the Sun. The church interior contains numerous statues of saints and is very ornate. The blue ceiling and green columns mix with the light streaming in from the stained glass windows to produce a sense of the ethereal inside the church.